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Here’s a quick update on book 2’s status.

-8 extra comic pages- scanned them and started coloring this morning. First 3 pages are done, other five are flatted.

- the extra art and the cover are inked

tonight-  finish extra pages

tomorrow- color last 4 pages of the chapter, cover, and extra art

monday- write character profile, q&a, and blurbs for the back cover, get Katy to proofread my awful spelling.

tuesday- catch up on anything I failed to accomplish, start formatting

wednesday-  more formatting, die

thursday- sent print files to the printer

Got email back from printer. They said get the files to them on the 7th to ensure I get the books on time.

 I have 1 week to:

pencil ink and color 8 epilogue pages

write and draw a 4 page character bio for Cynthia

color the last 4 pages of the chapter

write and draw a header for 4 pages of character Q&A

draw the cover

format everything

I have no days off  from the coffee shop in this timespan. Gon die. 

Whoa I just finished way more of my to do list than I expected.

Ink last two pages of chapter 2

Color donation prize comic for June

Start on extra pages for chapter two book:

  • epilogue
  • character Q&A
  • character profile

 I need to fill about 16 pages, lets do this.

Wow I’m up much earlier than normal. Especially considering I went to bed at like 3:45.

Plans for the day:


-go to wal mart and refill prescription, grocery shop

-go to the bank, cash birthday checks from parental units

-come home, draw some stuff

-get hair cuts with Katy (might be getting some brightly colored hilights, depends on how much it will cost)

-go to Danville to collect Cal and get stuff from Mom and Dad’s: black wig for Marceline costume, ukulele if Mom will give it to me (she probably won’t) 

-play Journey again if time 

Re: the ukulele: I always wanted to learn a musical instrument but never have (I was scared off it at a young age by my elementary school band teacher), and my understanding is that ukuleles are relatively simple and not very expensive. Also since they’re not considered to be a very serious instrument it’ll kind of feel more okay that I’ll suck at it.

Phoenix has a new Musical Instrument Museum and we went there. They had ukuleles in the gift shop. They were pretty, but the cheapest one was like $80.  I make an offhand comment to my mom about how I wanted one but these cost to much.

"I’ll get one cheaper when we get back to Raleigh."

"Don’t do that! We have a ukulele!" 

"What? Can I have it?"

"You have to learn to play it first."


(eta: this conversation my make more/less sense if I point out that I do not live with my mother. Her owning the ukulele does not give me access to one. Also I can get one on amazon for like $20 plus shipping and it is TARDIS blue.) 

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