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I know a similar question was asked before, but where would the TWIYEH main four, Gabry, Liam, Jordi and Jeremy fall on the Kinsey scale?

For anyone reading this and not in the know, this is the Kinsey scale:

Nicole- about a 1.5, she pretty much likes guys and isn’t too interested in women
Ian- also about a 1, I might consider bumping him up to a 1.5 or 2 but he’s pretty sexually repressed and wouldn’t let himself entertain an attraction to another man for very long and definitely not act on it
Caine- 2, Caine like ladies, a lot, but might entertain a homoerotic attraction once in a while. He’s never slept with a guy but he’d definitely make out with one.
Cynthia- 2.5 to 3, she’s about equally attracted to men and women, but may not admit to it in public since some people will assume a girl who calls herself bisexual is just doing it for attention or is a slut.
Gabry- 3, he’s pretty much equal opportunity on everything and will try anything once
Liam- 5.5 to 6, he has absolutely no interest in ladies.
Jeremy- 4, He’s more or less bi, slightly prefers men, significantly prefers men if they’re awkward and have French accents.
Jordi- I honestly don’t know how to classify him. He’s mostly asexual, and pretty much only entertains fantasies in response to someone showing an interest in him.

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