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Scorrosive is still a genius.
Rei would totally keep one of them, but be disappointed because the real Milosh is all fuzzy and a pillow is not.
Actually so would Gabry and Liam.
Gabry: So you kinda wanna bang your best friend, huh?
Liam: …no.

Scorrosive is still a genius.

Rei would totally keep one of them, but be disappointed because the real Milosh is all fuzzy and a pillow is not.

Actually so would Gabry and Liam.

Gabry: So you kinda wanna bang your best friend, huh?

Liam: …no.

bardic-feline replied to your post: So one of the things I ended up talkin…

And meanwhile, I have these persistent black chin hairs that I can’t seem to get rid of. *mutters*

Biology is an asshole.


Oh, maybe?

That would make sense.

Oh nooo </3 I hope you helped at least a bit

I hope so. Just before they left I asked for their name and introduced myself, and told them that if I saw anyone else from security I’d let them know they were here and looking for them.

I hope I was at least “the nice boy at the coffee shop” even if I couldn’t do anything actually helpful.

Also two people are in here smelling very strongly of HOSPITAL, despite not being dressed as if they work in a hospital. It’s that kind of mix of cleaning agents and death that hospitals and nursing homes have. Very unpleasant. The last other customer in here, a guy that typically stays right up until closing, left almost right after they came in.

They seem like perfectly nice people but I don’t know how one gets hospital smell on them so strongly. They are ten feet away and the smell is burning in my throat. 

I just had a baby security person in here saying they didn’t know where to clock in and are 30 minutes late because they couldn’t get in touch with their supervisor.

I gave them the only phone number I could find for a security anything but apparently the person on the other end couldn’t help.

They were practically in tears when they left my store.

I hope I see them or another security person before I leave because I want to be sure they got where they needed to be okay.

So one of the things I ended up talking to the surgeon about was my acne, even though it’s not her area of expertise she has a dermatologist neighbor and apparently talks to them quite often. She said not to exfoliate because it promotes oilyness.

I was skeptical but I told her I’d try it.

So I haven’t been exfoliating my face since wednesday and I’ve been trying not to pick at my acne in general. I can’t tell if it’s any different yet or not, so far my skin isn’t any worse though.

My jawline is unbelievably itchy though. It was a little itchy before but now it’s SUPER ITCHY.

I’ve heard that beards are itchy but I’ve been on T for six months and still have no facial hair to speak of. This sucks.

On January 5, 1993, a 22-year-old pre-operative transsexual woman from Seattle, Filisa Vistima, wrote in her journal, “I wish I was anatomically ‘normal’ so I could go swimming… . But no, I’m a mutant, Frankenstein’s monster.” Two months later Filisa Vistima committed suicide. What drove her to such despair was the exclusion she experienced in Seattle’s queer community, some members of which opposed Filisa’s participation because of her transsexuality — even though she identified as and lived as a bisexual woman. The Lesbian Resource Center where she served as a volunteer conducted a survey of its constituency to determine whether it should stop offering services to male-to-female transsexuals. Filisa did the data entry for tabulating the survey results; she didn’t have to imagine how people felt about her kind. The Seattle Bisexual Women’s Network announced that if it admitted transsexuals the SBWN would no longer be a women’s organization. “I’m sure,” one member said in reference to the inclusion of bisexual transsexual women, 4 6 the boys can take care of themselves.” Filisa Vistima was not a boy, and she found it impossible to take care of herself. Even in death she found no support from the community in which she claimed membership. “Why didn’t Filisa commit herself for psychiatric care?” asked a columnist in the Seattle Gay News. “Why didn’t Filisa demand her civil rights?” In this case, not only did the angry villagers hound their monster to the edge of town, they reproached her for being vulnerable to the torches. Did Filisa Vistima commit suicide, or did the queer community of Seattle kill her? (4)

TW: Transmisogyny, Transphobia, Suicide


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i’ve been talking around this for a long time but yes the systematic desexualisation and segregation of trans women from communities of intimacy and care literally makes us die so haha

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I brought this up recently, although I don’t remember to whom or in what context, beyond pointing out ways cis women have caused the deaths of trans women.

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Electrical play can be fun to look into. I’m a big fan of violet wands(baby lightning!) and people can use tens machines in interesting ways but it is considered edgeplay therefore kind of hardcore kinky

That actually might work.

I don’t know how to use one of those so I’d have to do some research to be certain.

Man, it’s mostly the elaborate multi-paragraph back stories that weird me out. It’s a sex toy, you don’t need fanfiction for it. Also the fact that their sizes reach “as long as an arm” iirc.

Yeah I guess maybe those backstory descriptions make them more attractive to some people? 

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