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Sin Pararse 146 is up!

Nothing interesting has happened.

Watch this video about that so I can waste three and a half minutes of your time.

I’m about to leave work.

I think my boss owes me money. My last payday was March 30.

Anyway that’s not what I wanted to talk about. He came in right at closing with some groceries. Which he actually put away for once (yay).

And there were some customers still here.

They’re like “sorry are you closed?”

And he’s like “yeah, at 8” 

And they talk for a bit about the closing times and the ones on the menu are wrong. (I’ve worked here for three years and we never closed any time other than 8 on thursdays so IDK how old those menus are.)

Anyway I digress. He’s talking to the customers and says “You can stay for a while but she’s (referring to me) got to clean the place.”

And I just… GUH. He knows! I’ve asked him to use male pronouns and he’s said he would but I’ve yet to hear him actually do it.

And I need to correct him in the moment but I don’t feel right calling him out in front of customers, but him calling me a she to customers is the entire problem.

Guuuuhhhh :(

I have the same problem at work today as last night.

Can’t clean because people.

Also I’m so excited about this phone you guys.

I want it to come. 

I wanna play with it.

Also holy crap the other shit I need to buy in the next few months is gonna be so money. I’m actually kind of glad that I still have a longish while left before chapter four is ready for print because it’ll give me time to pay off the phone.

Also the new luggage I need to buy.

And I need a TV.

And I want a cat, which isn’t that expensive but all the cat accessories will add up to a bit.

And some other things I’m not thinking of right now.

I don’t have the new phone yet. But I’ll have a new number after it comes.

Well I just spent a buncha money on a phone. But next month it’ll only cost me 10 muns.

Also it means that I’ll be able to take credit cards at cons now.

I could use a hand!



Oh shit, y’all. I did it. I took the plunge and quit my retail job.

I did this so I can seriously pursue my creative work. I had the epiphany that life is too short to put off doing what I love, so I’m going to be doing comics, animations and YouTube to feed myself and pay all my bills. It’s going to be A LOT of hard work if I want anything to come of it, and I could use some support.

If you like my stuff, there’s a few things you can do to help me out:

Pledge to my Patreon Campaign! A pledge as low as $1 a month can help keep me from having to go back to a retail job. $1 a month is hardly anything, it’s like 3 cents a day, and it’ll keep me drawing comics and making videos. For one dollar a month! And you can cancel at any time!

Make a one-time donation to my tip jar! Not up for monthly pledges? You can just send me a buck. I really appreciate it!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel! Don’t have a buck? That’s okay, there’s a way you can support me for FREE! You can help me out by clicking that ol’ subscribe button on my channel. More subscribers will make it easier for me to monetize and get something back for the free videos I’m making for you!

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Support means I’ll be able to churn out MORE comics, MORE videos, and MORE animations! That’s more entertainment for you! Thanks so much for all your help, guys. Signal boost this if you can. Love you lots! ♥♥♥♥♥

Reblogging this again because I’m still in a bit of a financial pickle (pun sort of intended). I’ll be changing my Patreon video soon to reflect my YouTube work as well as comics, plus I’m hoping to make Bad Life Choices a weekly animatic series! If you like the stuff I post and you want me to keep making stuff, please help in any way you can (including the free options)!

♥ Pickles

Signal boost <3

I don’t know if you all remember that piece of Thomas Was Alone fanart I did a while back when I played the game.

It gets notes randomly, I guess from people playing the game and searching for fanart. And I tend to look at people’s blogs when they reblog a thing from me.

So I’ve seen a fair few other fanarts for the game. Most of my design ideas I’ve seen since in other fanarts, except one.

In the game Thomas is always taking notes about his surroundings using a virtual (but also actual because everything in the game takes place inside a computer) notebook.

I’ve yet to see another drawing of him with a notebook. And that’s weird.

Man people seem to like the Bachelor Chow idea. I won’t be able to do it for a while with my day job and all, but I’ll probably start work on the idea this summer maybe? I have to figure out how I’m going to film it and stuff.

I should probably come up with a bank of food ideas so I don’t do like three of them and then run out of things.

Also once I get going meatspace friends are totes invited to be guests on the show if they want.

I’m sort of considering, when I get more comfortable in front of a camera, doing a internet cooking show where I teach you how to do really basic cooking stuff like the aforementioned chicken salad and scrambled eggs and things like that.

Basically stupid easy cooking that everyone can do unless no one ever showed them. Because that’s about my level of cooking.

I wanna call it Bachelor Chow.

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