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Okay I’m leaving work now.

Might not be online again until tomorrow night because there’s no internet at the condo.

Also thing about the needle. I have to push it all the way in to the hilt so to speak.

It doesn’t hurt that bad until it gets into the deeper tissue. The top layers hurt but not at a complain-able level.

I’m still at work and we closed an hour and ten minutes ago :(

Everybody came in in the last hour twenty minutes. and wanted food.

May I ask what gauge needle you're using when you inject? I ask because it rarely hurt for me while injecting (though I got sore after for the first few months). I know everyone's pain tolerance is different, but I have a friend who was using 8 gauge needles when she started (mtf) and that really hurt her! I used 25 gauge needles. evilcorynn

I think mine are 22? I’d have to double check. I know they’re bigger than the one they had me use at the doctor’s office. That one didn’t hurt.

8 gauge sounds pretty scary. I use 18s to draw up the testosterone and they’re kind of worryingly large already.

My pain tolerance is apparently pretty weird because I feel shit pretty acutely but my ability to deal with it is pretty high because I’m kind of used to being in pain all the time?

I don’t know it’s weird. It’s not bad enough to complain about unless it comes up in conversation, it’s like a background radiation kind of thing.

I’m on my laptop at the apartment.

So I made pancakes before doing my injection this morning and it helped SO MUCH. I didn’t feel sick or dizzy and all and the only discomfort was the injection itself.

Which still hurt quite a bit but it’s a needle so yeah.

Why the fuck didn’t the doctor’s office tell me that? They gave me all kind of information on how to do the shot and the potential side effects of T but no one ever said “hey eat something before the injection or you might vom”

But let me tell you about these pancakes.

I got this mix for red velvet pancakes at world market and tried it this morning. The instructions said to heat the pan on medium-high to 350 degrees farenheit. 

"That seems hot" I think but the pancake mix must know what it’s talking about right?

So I do that and the first pancake attempt started to burn almost immediately and when I tried to flip it the spatula started to melt to the pan. I had to spend like 20 minutes scraping melted plastic off the pan, and I didn’t get all of it.

The mix lied to me.

If I queued this right then TWIYEH chapter 4 page 68 is up!
Edit: I totally didn’t queue this right.
I told it to post at 12 am, why didn’t it post at 12 am?

If I queued this right then TWIYEH chapter 4 page 68 is up!

Edit: I totally didn’t queue this right.

I told it to post at 12 am, why didn’t it post at 12 am?

This is a bit random I guess but I just wanted to say that I played Journey because you mentioned it a lot when you were streaming and honestly it made me feel so happy. Like, it literally pulled me out of a depressive episode happy. And I've been playing it for months now and it's just about the best game I've ever played, and I wanted to thank you for talking about it :) cranialgames

Aw, you’re welcome. Though I’m not sure I should take credit.

It is such an amazing game!

And yeah I don’t really know how to describe it but it’s the kind of thing that can just make everything seem better.


Seriously. He was smart to walk out on that place.

IIRC didn’t Amy or her husband get arrested or something shortly after the first episode aired? I’m surprised there’s anything for him to return to.

Man, I didn’t know you were into this! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude. DUUUUUUUUDE.

Everyone is into Gordon Ramsay.


Oh my god.

There are two new episodes of Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu.

The first one is called Return to Amy’s Baking Company.


This is not a drill!

Aahhh I wanna watch them right now but I have pages to ink tomorrow and Kitchen Nightmares is hands down the best show ever invented to ink to.

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